Turbine Nozzle Guide Vane (NGV) Sealing Strip Manufacture

Fast make delivery of R&D NGV sealing strips, at lead-times previously unobtainable.

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Inspection Fixture and Method for Complex Aero Surface

Verification that the aerodynamic profile is within the Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) probe-path envelope, using an integrated laser sensor.

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Inert Gas Shielding for High Integrity Welding

Providing controlled argon delivery that guarantees highest integrity welds - deployed for research and development applications and full production.

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Robot Welding Fixture (PROVE)

A fixture developed with higher accuracy, to allow robot welding of lightweight exhaust systems, making a 47% mass-reduction possible.

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Guided System for Restricted-Access Machining

Enabling accurate profile control for in-situ/in-service machining operations.

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Interference Fitted Assembly Tool

Assembly method and system, enabling interference-fitting of structural aero components.

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Mechanised Profiling Fixture

Mechanised machining of aero fan-track liners to eliminate manual variability.

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